What if I want everything?

Hey lovelies!!! Its a beautiful day and I hope you all are charged up with your work and also for the rest of the week. I sincerely apologize for taking a very long break but I really had a lot of CHAOS going on in my life itself which i had to declutter :p. But all is well now and I am back because of your motivation (hehe…assuming that you were waiting for a post). This time I sincerely promise that you will have a new post every Tuesday and a little extra “my thoughts” kind of a post every Friday :).

So, the chaos within me was all about choices. CHOICES-that our world gives us as to what to eat, what to wear, what to become, whom to talk and what to do (haayee…so intimidating). Sometimes when you have more options it gets a little difficult to decide. It has been difficult to focus on one thing lately because I want everything.

what if i want everything

So here is a little something “my thoughts” on the chaos and confusion (well you are wondering that today is a Tuesday and I just mentioned that such posts will  be on Friday, but I felt like posting this, since its been long 🙂 ).


What if I want everything?
They say I can’t have it all but
What if I want to go clubbing the one night
And do yoga the other morning
What if I want to have wine the one night
And drink green tea the other morning
What if I want to eat cake the one night
And eat salads the other morning
They say I can’t have it all but
What if I want a busy city life
But also want to live in a small town
What if I want to travel abroad and stay there
But also want to live in my hometown
What if I want to ride a Mercedes
But also want to use the local transport
They say I can’t have it all but
What if I want to travel a lot
But settle in one place too
What if I want to answer all the chaos in my head
But also meditate and calm it down
What if I want to go party the one night
But go to the temple the other morning
They say I can’t have it all but
What if all I crave for is BALANCE?



I am a Paradox.

I think we are all confused because we are asked to choose one thing. Our world has given us a lot of options but often asked us to either be devotional or worldly, emotional or practical and so on.

life is all about balance

Well, but you know what I choose to be both.  I think its time we all crave for a balance because balance is both the key and secret to happiness. Its important to experience all sides of life. Choose happiness and live, don’t just breathe.

This was my take on life and its options. Do let me know what you think about it or also if you have a different take on it, I would love to know.

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2 Replies to “What if I want everything?”

  1. all we are trying to do is achieve balance. we have so many choices we have to make everyday, that it can be overwhelming. I have had to make some tough choices the past year, but feel that I was able to achieve balance in my families lives, and we just had a great summer because of it.

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