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So, if you are following me on Instagram (follow me here if you aren’t already) you must be knowing that my last trip was to Goa, Hampi and Alleppey right in the same order. Actually, it was my paid project. Basically, a few friends of my aunt came from London to visit India. So, I planned the whole trip for them and got some money in return. I had the best time doing that and you all would be glad to know that I am soon adding this service on the blog. So, you can take my help planning your trip almost anywhere in India and I would even help you do your hotel and travel bookings. More on the whole service and marketing later. But for now a lot of people actually asked me about my Hampi trip and I would want to tell you more on that.


Even I was mesmerized by Hampi. It is a place which is out of this World. I have literally never been to a place like this. It is a land we imagine about while reading books. For the uninitiated, it is in Karnataka and the whole place is divided in to two parts. Hampi and the Hippie Island.

The best part about Hampi is that you will find a beautiful 
sight in the simplest of things.

I would definitely recommend you to stay in the Hippie Island. It is a happening place with cafes and markets all over. Hampi has its heritage and ruins and hence the town is still preserved that way. So, you would not get a lot of options to eat and stay that side. The main bus station is at Hampi and you will have to cross the Hippie Island in a boat, as obviously the river separates both the places. So, make sure you carry a backpack. I wasn’t carrying one and it was a task to carry the trolley bag. I was lucky enough to meet a Russian traveler in the bus who helped me through.






hampiWhere to stay?


The Hippie Island has a lot of places to stay but the best is the sunny guest house. I stayed there too. The property is huge with lush greens all over and has hammocks and huts. All the places in Hampi come with very basic rooms and amenities. But, it is fun to experience that. Also, be prepared to get no hot water baths and air conditions. The property where I stayed has a pool table too and that was pretty cool.

What to eat?

The best part about the hippie island is that you get all types of cuisines to eat from Italian to Mexican to even Lebanese. There are so many cafes that you would go crazy trying new places. My personal favorite was the German Bakery. The black coffee and the cheese toast there is simply amazing. A must try if you go there.


What to do?

Hampi also offers quite a few activities. For the adrenaline junkies there is the boulder climbing. It must be great fun as they have professionals there helping you do it the right way. Also, the place is filled with crazy boulders all over which is just a treat to watch. The place offers different yoga sessions as well for the beginners and intermediates. There is a unique activity call the musical meditation which Ii tried. It was such a different experience. It is only done in the morning and evening. I chose the morning session. We were a group of travelers enrolled that day. The guy took us all through a trail and we stopped at a big boulder. He asked us to sleep there and then he played some amazing instruments which he carried through our help. There was the flute, the metal drums, the guitar and much more. It was such a wonderful experience that I would recommend everyone to try this.

What to shop?

Apart from this the hippie island has paddy rice fields all over which are a treat to watch. You can simply walk in any of those or just sit in between the narrow lanes. The boulders and the coconut trees will definitely trigger you imagination of being in a fairy tale novel. The shopping is simply terrific. The jewelry and the clothes are so cool that if your soul is a hippie like me it will start dancing in joy.

Also, one can expect to do nothing and just laze around and admire the sunrise or sunset or simply any part of the day under the nature. It is an ideal destination for the traveler, a hippie, a nature lover or someone who would want to find joy in the simple things of life.

What to do on the other side of the river? I would be writing a separate post for this and that would be up next week. So, stay tuned.

Planning a trip to Hampi? Have any questions regarding the place? Feel free to comment or connect on Instagram  with me. I would love to help you with the trip.

Hampi is connected through Goa and Bangalore through bus and train. Please check the train connectivity properly. The nearest airport is Hubli airport.

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