Things you should know while in your twenties

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Aren’t twenties the most important years of your life? Well, I agree that each day and year is important until you are alive but being in twenties has its own charm. You are in the college in the initial years while in the latter part you start working.

You are out there in this World where you taste a shot of freedom with the bitterness of adulting. All is just too much to consume. You want to sit and chill while it is the exact time when you need to get things done for yourself.

However, there are certain things that you wish someone told you as soon as you had hit twenty. Read on to find out.

Stop. Breathe

Well, some of you might take up a lot of pressure and feel like just doing a lot of things. You might be up for achieving one goal after the other one without enjoying anything. You need to relax a bit. You need to celebrate the little milestones that you achieve.

Do not forget to click a lot of pictures in your twenties.

You are young and you do not have so many responsibilities at present. It is wise to pause frequently and enjoy the journey or else you will have no idea of how, the years went by.

Spend your money on experiences

You might have heard or read this a million times but, trust me it is true. These years are the years when you can have a lot of experiences which would turn in to some interesting stories in the coming years.

This was when I was exploring villages near my city.

Travel as much as you can. Go with your friends or go solo. But, just go. Take up that hobby you were always interested in. Find time for shaping your body. Trust me you might not find enough time to do all these thing once you start a family.

Do not be hard on yourself

You might not have it figured out all at once, and that is completely alright. Trust me most adults don’t. They just wing it well. Your twenties are the years where you might face a lot of confusions and they are the exact years which will bless you with some great life lessons.

Just pause and take a break

Do not be ashamed of taking time off and avoid comparing yourself with others. They might be on their own journey and you should be on yours. The whole idea is to be happy.

Expect the unexpected

You might have the idea of pursuing something as a child but you might realize that you want something different from life now. So, do not panic. It is very normal in your twenties. This is the exact reason why you need to try different things.

I am just posing in this one but I had tried my hands at gardening actually

New things would help you understand your true interests. Just do not be rigid. Let the process flow freely and most importantly trust the process. Remember that things are happening for you and not against you.

Life is going to teach you

Well, even if you are not interested in learning, life will continue to teach. Also, you will understand that the things you learnt in school are completely out of syllabus when dealing with life. Do not be negative and learn wisely.

Life might be tough on you but you have the beach to visit

You might realise that your best friend is not your true friend. Also, life is much tough as compared to those Bollywood movies. Moreover, exams in life are always like the surprise test you never studied for. Do not be afraid. I am not discouraging you. I am giving you the reality check nobody gave you. Just chill. Laugh on your problems and tackle them like a star. Also, be open to learning and you will be fine.

Invest in your twenties

Well, I am in my mid-twenties and I have not started investing yet. The fact is that I know that it is super beneficial as I have read some of the stories of people who invested in their twenties.

Make a proper plan while doing anything in life

If you do not believe me read this article here. Apart from that, I am including this point here as a motivation to start investing from this month. Let’s do this together.

So, all I have to say is that do not be too hard on yourself and stop comparing your life with people on social media because no one is posting their failures there. Trust your instincts and have fun. These are the best years of your life and you must enjoy them to the fullest.

Also, twenties are your busy years and so, it is important to maintain a balance in your life. Thus, check this post on maintaining healthy habits while being busy here.

I would also be doing a post on how I spoiled 4 prime years of my twenties and what you should learn from it soon.

Do not forget to sparkle.

Sanjani Shah


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