The Expat Life

“Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was”, said the famous writer Jodi Picoult in one of her books.

I really quite didn’t understand this before some time but now when I stumble upon, it makes complete sense to me. Its been almost 5 months that I just packed my bags and moved from India to Dubai as an expat. I really wanted to live somewhere like a foreigner and encounter the life in a different cultural horizon then mine.

I have always loved wandering. Being a citizen of the world is still something I hold on to very strongly.

But living a life of an expat, is really different from being a traveler in a place for some days. It is exciting and fun but also at the same time its more of a roller coaster ride of your emotions and everything in general.

. I finally realize that how dear my hometown to me is and also how much I love my friends and family. So when I sit near the window of my new house juggling with the little voices in my head, all I can pen down is:


When am walking in this new country with thoughts of freedom and independence

Why is it that I feel lonely

When I walk this new streets with tall skyscrapers and different kind of people

Why is it that I want to go back to the familiar skies

When I come back home after a long day of work

Why is it that I miss my brother telling me to take him for a drive

When I see a daughter fighting with her mom

Why is that I want to call my mom

When I go to a coffee shop and see friends laughing

Why is it that I want to go running back to my best friend

When all I do is use all different apps on my phone to stay in touch back home

Why is it that we have really progressed but technology doesn’t really help me feel near to home


With understanding  what home is

A homesick


Well, it is  definitely a different experience on its own and it teaches you a lot of things, making you wiser and smarter but at the same time it may make you homesick for a while. (well everything has a reaction)

I believe everybody should experience this as when you head back home, everything remains the same but it is you who will be changed and that surely makes a lot of difference.

So go on and take some courageous steps because whats life without all it glorious chaos.

Don’t forget to sparkle

Sanjani shah



8 Replies to “The Expat Life”

  1. Hi sanjani, it is really something that every individual should do in lifetime.. thank-you dear for motivating people by your own experience.. just keep writing and explore more.. All the best.

    Arenla Walling.

    1. Hi arenla,
      Thank you so much for such kind of love and appreciation. It really keeps me going.

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