To Mom, With love.

Hello folks! I believe you are having an amazing Sunday. Well, but this Sunday is not like any other normal Sunday. Today, as we all know is mothers day. A day dedicated to our main woman, without whom our lives and rooms wouldn’t be so sorted.

happy mothers day

A mother is somebody because of which this world looks like a better place to live in. Somebody because of which living seems so easy. Somebody, whom you can trust blindly because you are sure of no conspiracy happening here. Continue reading “To Mom, With love.”

Mysore-the city with sunshine

Hello beautiful people. I hope your weekend went great and you all are enjoying work. Well, am back with yet another travel story and also with the right inspiration for you to book your next holiday.

Mysore, famously called the palace city of India is a beautiful and mesmerizing place down south. This wondrous place takes you back to your malgudi days (story times) and also has a glimpse of the royal and lustrous history of its own. The vibe of this place is super chilled and you can expect yourself to laze around in some of the most amazing cafes this city has to offer. Continue reading “Mysore-the city with sunshine”

5 reasons to go to COORG right now!!!

Hello beautiful people!! I completely apologize for not writing for a long time but I was really caught up with some work and sometimes finding an inspiration becomes a little hard, especially while you are adulting and have tonnes of chores to do (without your mom because apparently you wanted to stay alone). But since, I am back on my blog, am loving it.

Well today all I want to do is inspire you to pack your bags and go on a vacation because travelling is one thing that is so blissful and stress free. It is such a wonderful experience when somebody’s routine becomes your leisure. Continue reading “5 reasons to go to COORG right now!!!”



Have you ever wondered that why do we take others much more seriously then we take ourselves? We get so much influenced by other people’s opinions that most of the time we torture ourselves with self judgement and analysis. We try to fit into the society’s version of being “beautiful”. We try and do things we don’t want to or just push ourselves to our limits.

Most of the time all we do is hate ourselves. WHY? Continue reading “You are BEAUTIFUL”

The Expat Life

“Maybe you had to leave in order to really miss a place; maybe you had to travel to figure out how beloved your starting point was”, said the famous writer Jodi Picoult in one of her books.

I really quite didn’t understand this before some time but now when I stumble upon, it makes complete sense to me. Its been almost 5 months that I just packed my bags and moved from India to Dubai as an expat. I really wanted to live somewhere like a foreigner and encounter the life in a different cultural horizon then mine. Continue reading “The Expat Life”

A letter from a 20 something to a 20 something

Getting into your 20’s is really exciting but it also comes with a lot of changes in your life. College ends and you are expected to enter the so called adult world.

People say 20’s are the best and also the most selfish years of your life. You start taking care of yourself, grow independent, maybe leave your parents house and stay alone and explore life. Well and your friends change- some leave the city, some the country or some get married. And for once it’s too much to take all in together. Continue reading “A letter from a 20 something to a 20 something”