Mysore-the city with sunshine

Hello beautiful people. I hope your weekend went great and you all are enjoying work. Well, am back with yet another travel story and also with the right inspiration for you to book your next holiday.

Mysore, famously called the palace city of India is a beautiful and mesmerizing place down south. This wondrous place takes you back to your malgudi days (story times) and also has a glimpse of the royal and lustrous history of its own. The vibe of this place is super chilled and you can expect yourself to laze around in some of the most amazing cafes this city has to offer.


I went there with my two best friends (obviously whose mentions have been like a routine on my blog now , and well you guys need to get used to hearing more of them priyansha and keerthi :* ). We were in Mysore for two days and the city definitely surprised us in a good way.


We started our day with traditional south Indian breakfast which was lip-smacking and downright delicious.

Then we were off to watch the royalty of the Mysore palace. It was everything that you expect a palace to be: huge, beautiful, mesmerizing, magnificent and honestly I can go on and on. I love palaces. I have always been curious to explore the lives of ancient people. I am inquisitive of knowing that how it is to be calling a huge place your home and how people used to live before all the technology took over.

I love the feeling of being in a palace and going through the beautiful chandeliers, floor carpets, carvings and paintings. It’s a proof of how much we humans used to and still love art forms and how incomplete our lives would be without them.

Our next stop was the mysore zoo. It is a humongous place filled with all kinds of species of birds, reptiles and animals. It is a treat to watch, especially the giraffe and elephant. Animal lovers should definitely visit this place.

Then we also visited the chamundi hills. It is a temple on the ghats and usually a lot of people visit it during dussehra (indian festival) to please the goddess. The view uphill is prepossessing. We actually reached around evening so we could also see the sunset there.

One of my friends actually had some local friends from mysore, who took us to chamundi hills at night in their car once again. That view was mesmerising. The cold wind with those distant city lights evoked a feeling of bliss. It left me speechless and I still remember that view and the comfortable silence I felt there.

Well, that is how our first day in Mysore was over and we headed back to our zostel, which reminds me to tell you guys about this beautiful sharing accommodation in Mysore. Its an amazing place to stay where you get sharing and also private rooms. It is very pocket friendly and you also have a chance to meet some new interesting travelers.

You can also book yourself a nice spa treatment or a yoga retreat session. Also, don’t miss to just gaze around the beautiful yellow colored houses around the city which will just add more sunshine to your soul.

Mysore is connected through Bangalore by road and rail. There are a lot of government buses also which take you there from Bangalore.

You can also take a long holiday and go to Coorg as it is nearby from Mysore. Need an iternery for Coorg:

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