To Mom, With love.

Hello folks! I believe you are having an amazing Sunday. Well, but this Sunday is not like any other normal Sunday. Today, as we all know is mothers day. A day dedicated to our main woman, without whom our lives and rooms wouldn’t be so sorted.

happy mothers day

A mother is somebody because of which this world looks like a better place to live in. Somebody because of which living seems so easy. Somebody, whom you can trust blindly because you are sure of no conspiracy happening here.

happy mothers day

So, today when we are celebrating mothers, I just want to write something which needs to be said again and again.
To all the mothers out there:

Thank you for giving me life and bringing me in this world.

Thank you for teaching me how to walk and speak.

Thank you for helping me with my homework and long assignments.

Thank you for all the delicious food to eat.

Thank you for the cleaning all the mess I make.

Thank you for staying up with me during my exams.

Thank you for being there with me when I was confused about everything in life.

Thank you for helping me deal with failures and heartbreaks.

Thank you for always supporting me for the right things and stopping me for the wrong ones.

Thank you for giving me so much of security because of which I am a successful and confident individual.

Thank you for teaching me to live a life on my own terms.

And most of all thank you for being there whenever I need you.



Sorry for all the sleepless nights I put you through when I used to cry as a baby.

Sorry because you paused your life when I was growing up.

Sorry to fight with you because you refused to give me all the stupid permissions I asked for.

Sorry to choose my friends over you, when I was a teenager.

Sorry for doing the mess again and again, not realizing how much effort it takes to clean it.

Sorry for throwing tantrums for food, not realizing how much love and time you put in it making for me.

Sorry because you had to sit worrying whenever I was out late for a party not answering your calls, because I was too busy dancing with my friends.

Sorry for arguing with you on silly things because I was too immature to understand what you were trying to explain.

Sorry for not realizing that you totally forgot your desires and dreams fulfilling mine.

Sorry for not realizing that you get tired too and you need support too.


Your stubborn and dramatic daughter.

happy mothers day

These thank you and sorry are just not enough to raise up to the standard of a mothers love. So this mothers day lets persuade our mothers to fulfill their demands and ambitions. Lets talk about their dreams instead of ours.


Dear mom,

Its high time that you start the play button of your life. Start thinking about yourself. Because you have done your part. Now let me do something for you.

happy mothers day

As Washington irving once said, “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.”

Because in my opinion not only today but every day is MOTHER’S DAY.

Happy mothers day.

Tell me what you feel about your mothers in the comment sections below.

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Sanjani Shah





2 Replies to “To Mom, With love.”

  1. Wonderfully described the true& genuine thoughts
    While reading I had passed through the journey of my 22 years once again
    Thank you to my darling daughter make me MOTHER

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