How to maintain balance with some healthy habits

The millennial World demands a lot from us. Actually, more than we are willing to give. Our work never seems to end while we are also busy running mundane errands. In such a scenario, it gets difficult to maintain a balance and practice healthy habits.

However, it is important to practice self-care and maintain healthy habits so that we can maximize our potential. It is important to find some time and fit in all the healthy habits in the busy schedule for our own good.

maintain balance
maintain balance with healthy habits

It is even difficult to maintain balance if you love procrastinating. It has always been a case with me. However, I have believed in taking small steps and thus, I have tried and inculcated some habits that have helped me be healthy and sane.

Read on to find out.

Eat your dry fruits

This one is important. Dry fruits are not only packed with goodness of nutrition but they can keep your stomach full for long. If you feel very hungry between your breakfast and lunch, then dry fruits are your savior.

Healthy habits
Dry fruits

You might not be able to get up from your desk while working but eating dry fruits while working is totally simple. If you do not carry a healthy snack, you will as it is end up snacking on potato chips. Instead, choose dry fruits. Make sure to include walnuts, almonds and dates.

Drink plenty of water

Ever felt that you are losing consciousness after lunch? Have you struggled to stay awake in the office? Well, it usually happens if you eat carbohydrates like rice and wheat. However, they are equally important.

Drink water properly
Drink water properly

So, instead of dumping them, practice portion control. And the other healthy habit that you need to maintain is that of drinking more water. It flushes toxins from your body and helps eradicate false hunger. Apart from that, it keeps your energy level maintained.

Walk for 5 minutes after every hour

Human beings were supposed to be locomotive beings. However, we ruined everything by getting more comfort. So, after every hour just walk for 5 minutes. Do not check your phone during this time. Leave it on the desk.

maintain healthy habits

Such small things help in maintaining inner balance of the body. Go out in the balcony of your office if you have one. Breathing the fresh oxygen will keep your mind alert and active.

Decrease the screen time

We all are guilty of being on the phone after work or on weekends. However, it does a lot of damage to your eyes and body. Thus, track your screen time properly.

reduce the screen time
reduce the screen time

Try and limit it. Instead of reading on kindle, read an actual book. Meet your friends and talk face to face instead of chatting on Whats App. Go for a run instead of playing a game on the phone. Such small changes will help you form a balance.

These little things might seem insignificant to you but trust me and try them. You will realise that it has a great impact on your overall well-being. You might also forget to drink water properly or reduce your screen time at first. But, set reminders in your phone. Write it on stick note. These small practices will only help you form some great healthy habits.

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