A letter from a 20 something to a 20 something

Getting into your 20’s is really exciting but it also comes with a lot of changes in your life. College ends and you are expected to enter the so called adult world.

People say 20’s are the best and also the most selfish years of your life. You start taking care of yourself, grow independent, maybe leave your parents house and stay alone and explore life. Well and your friends change- some leave the city, some the country or some get married. And for once it’s too much to take all in together.


Honestly these are also the years of utter confusion and trying to balance your adult life. You also have a lot of imagination of how your life is supposed to be but it seems that reality continues to destroy your life.

But in admist of this total chos, the best part is that these are also the years that give you freedom and give you time to understand yourself better. These are also the years that you make the best of memories and learn the biggest of life lessons.

And as Socrates once said, “That the secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.

So, join me on this crazy journey of chaos of a 20 something where I will be penning down my experiences of trying to be an adult and making an effort to achieve my dreams.

Common let your life’s background music be “dil dhadakne do” and go straight in the direction of your dreams with a SHOT OF COFFEE (well even tea works 🙂 )

Don’t forget to sparkle



3 Replies to “A letter from a 20 something to a 20 something”

  1. As I am just a little more than 20 something 😉 I feel I have missed a lot, you are lucky to have the experiences and most of all sharing it… keep it up well done 🙂

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