Law of Attraction for Beginners

Law of attraction is a term that you might have come across a couple of times in your life. There is a sea of content on this topic and literally gets super confusing to understand and follow it.

However, if you are completely alien to this topic, then let me tell you that law of attraction simply means attracting and manifesting the things you want. It is a concept where faith plays the king. You can put your faith in God, the Universe or your subconscious mind.

It is more about visualizing and imagining the things you want and asking the Universe (well, I like to call it Universe) to fulfill it for you.

Well, to simplify it I have a few activities that you can carry out. It makes you feel more connected to the process and you also have a reference point to manifest. However, these things definitely make you feel inspired and positive.

  • The wishing pot

Well, this is a fun exercise where you will need a jar or a piggy bank. All you have to do is take chits of paper and write your goals or things that you want in life. Mentally, note that you have ordered it online and then keep it in the jar or piggy bank.

Just imagine that you have ordered it in cash on delivery mode and so you do not know when it will be delivered to you. Activities like these give you surety because you do not think that you might not get your clothes after you have ordered them online.

  • Create a mantra

You will have to create a mantra on whatever you want in your life right now.

For example:

If you are looking for a good job you can write:

I have full confidence in my abilities and potential. I know that I am talented and I will get a job of my capabilities which I will enjoy a lot. The work environment will be friendly and I will get a salary of my expectations.

This is just a prototype. The best part about mantras are that you can use it for almost anything. From reaching your ideal weight to improving your immunity and increasing your savings.

law of attraction

All you have to do is just write it on a piece of paper and then read it for at least 3 times in a day. Read it out aloud and feel each and every word like it has already happened. You can also write the mantra in your phone and read it while waiting in the queue (in your mind this time, like obviously)

  • Day Dream

Well, sounds fun. Isn’t it?

All you have to do is visualize and imagine what you want. For example, if you dream of buying a penthouse in a posh locality of your city, then dream about it.

Visualize the exact details of the furniture. Imagine the kind of decorative items or crockery you will use. Imagine the number of appliance available in the house. Imagine your family and you sitting there and talking. These little details might seem insignificant but they are the true heroes of manifestation.

You can again do this for anything. If you are an entrepreneur and want your sales shooting up, then imagine that. Visualize that you are already there and you are experiencing it. Don’t most of us imagine ourselves in our favorite movies? Well, it is almost the same but do not forget to carry your faith along.

law of attraction

I thought of writing on this topic because these things have personally helped me a lot. I have been a negative person for a long time now. However, some of the negativity is still there but I am trying to fight it.

I wouldn’t say that all my goals have come true but to be honest most of the time I had forgotten to carry my faith with me. If things take time, they do have a reason and thus, it is important to trust the process. One of the things I learnt in 2019 so far.

Also, understand that you will have to work for your goals. Only sitting and visualizing about a pent house in your living room is not going to land you there. Working and earning money will. Thus, work hard and believe that it is already yours and you shall have it.

Hope you liked this article and I will soon right about fun activities on building confidence and faith.

Never forget to sparkle.


Sanjani Shah

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