How to be ready for the last week of December?

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Well, it is the party season already because it is December.  I love the last month of the year because I feel like winding up all the work by being party ready and just chilling until the New Year falls in.

party ready
Christmas ready

But, let’s be honest, with so many parties lined up, you tend to ignore your health. It takes a toll on your sleeping schedule and diet. It is quite obvious that you do not want to spoil all the hard work that you have put in for some months, just for a week.

So, read on- how to just rock the party without falling ill later on, or spoiling your diet.

  • Diet

Diet is the most important thing. You will definitely binge on those starters and have some extra cake. Because, why not? It is Christmas.

Do the diet

So, what you need to do is, that before going to the party have something healthy and light. If you are supposed to reach to the party around 7, then eat something around 6. Have lentils and rice or saute vegetables with rice. Remember to have some form of good carbohydrates.

good carbohydrates
Lentils with rice


You are obviously going to drink and dance all night. Thus, your body needs the right kind of energy. Also, you will be fuller in the beginning so you will binge on the starters and chips less.


  • Stay hydrated

It is obviously very cold in almost all parts of the World during this time. So, you will not feel like having a lot of water. In spite of that, you need to have water because it will keep you hydrated with all those drinks that you consume.

stay hydrated

Drinking water will also keep you full and help you avoid drink or eat more and give you energy to rock on the dance floor.

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  • Sleep

Make sure you catch up on your sleep before partying back to back. Because, you might be fine in all the parties but later on you will either fall sick or feel groggy.

Take good rest

With so many holidays, you will definitely have to catch up with work as well and so it only makes more sense to not keep your sleep waiting.


  • Prepare for your dress in advance

Lastly, just be totally prepared to look amazing. Make sure you have the right dress and accessories. Also, opt for flats because you will be dancing the whole night and you do not want to kill your legs.

party ready
prepare for a dress

I once wore stilettos because they looked amazing and trust me I got so uncomfortable after a while that I felt like going home. Also, after that night my legs could simply not move. But, if you are comfortable and you think you can ace that look, then why not?


Hope this might help you to not deviate completely from your healthy lifestyle and yet be party ready!


Tell me in the comments below how do you get party ready?

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Do not forget to sparkle 🙂

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