The Contrasting Thought

Hello lovelies! I hope you are having a great working week and weekdays don’t seem like a big deal for you. I recently had an amazing holiday and I am so much in that zone that I am actually looking forward to another one. (Haha kidding, well no I actually want one more).

contrasting thought
flight journey

Well, so you know that I basically shifted to Dubai for work and opportunity to explore and travel like any other 20 something. And for obvious reasons everything has been so different here than back home. I am still trying to connect with the pace this city has and am like managing my routine and mostly surviving. I still don’t find anything familiar here and I still feel like an outsider (lol because I am one…as my soul only belongs to India). But I am trying to fit in and accept the fact that this is my home, at least for now.

contrasting thought
burj khalifa

Hence, I decided to take a short trip to India because six months is too long and all I needed was a familiar horizon. I could have traveled to a different country and explored more but I wanted to be back home.

So yeah, I was all set and excited for my holiday. The wait was long and I was longing to be back home and feel like home. The feeling was beautiful yet contrasting. A lot had seemed to change in the past few months. I saw new cafes opening up, new stores and a lot of things were not like how I left it. Street hawkers were no more at the same place. I was searching for the hawker from whom I used to eat vada-pav and panipuri. A mall opened near my house.

contrasting thought
soul brew


I actually live a little in the outskirts and it used to not be much developed there. I used to love going for drives on that road as the beautiful lush green trees and clear skies used to greet me. But it was not the same this time. I saw so many building sites coming up and things seemed so different. Not only that, I found some different arrangements at my home as well. The maid was changed for instance and so was my room arrangement (mom is basically using all the space up because you know how Indian moms are…they always have stuff to fill up an empty space teee hehee).

contrasting thought

Suddenly, I felt like I wasn’t a part of this ever changing city. I was trying to fit in but I was only a guest there for some days. The place where I grew up, studied, went to college and basically is a proof of my existence didn’t seem to feel like familiarity. I was trying to recollect my old memories and how my routine used to be before I left. But still it at least felt like home because it is always going to be home and I guess nothing would ever change that.

contrasting thought
jumeirah lake towers

But, I definitely realize one thing that home is not the same place you left and the new place you are living is still not familiar enough to call home, leaving you not being enough for both. The contrast is definitely intense but my grandma used to always say that: “All that is constant in this world is change and we must learn to embrace it no matter what”.

contrasting thought

So am trying to live up with these contrasting thoughts in my head and as I always say what is life without its glorious chaos.

Sanjani Shah


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