Things you should know while in your twenties

life in your twenties
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Aren’t twenties the most important years of your life? Well, I agree that each day and year is important until you are alive but being in twenties has its own charm. You are in the college in the initial years while in the latter part you start working.

You are out there in this World where you taste a shot of freedom with the bitterness of adulting. All is just too much to consume. You want to sit and chill while it is the exact time when you need to get things done for yourself.

However, there are certain things that you wish someone told you as soon as you had hit twenty. Read on to find out.

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How to maintain balance with some healthy habits

The millennial World demands a lot from us. Actually, more than we are willing to give. Our work never seems to end while we are also busy running mundane errands. In such a scenario, it gets difficult to maintain a balance and practice healthy habits.

However, it is important to practice self-care and maintain healthy habits so that we can maximize our potential. It is important to find some time and fit in all the healthy habits in the busy schedule for our own good.

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Law of Attraction for Beginners

Law of attraction is a term that you might have come across a couple of times in your life. There is a sea of content on this topic and literally gets super confusing to understand and follow it.

However, if you are completely alien to this topic, then let me tell you that law of attraction simply means attracting and manifesting the things you want. It is a concept where faith plays the king. You can put your faith in God, the Universe or your subconscious mind.

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How to be ready for the last week of December?


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Well, it is the party season already because it is December.  I love the last month of the year because I feel like winding up all the work by being party ready and just chilling until the New Year falls in.

party ready
Christmas ready

But, let’s be honest, with so many parties lined up, you tend to ignore your health. It takes a toll on your sleeping schedule and diet. It is quite obvious that you do not want to spoil all the hard work that you have put in for some months, just for a week.

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12 Questions to make your 2018 more productive

Hello lovely people. I have taken a super long break from writing. I super regret it because I realize that 2017 is nearly coming to an end. But, I do have my reasons. I have been very busy with my new and exciting job as a content writer and social media marketer plus I have recently launched my own luxury handcrafted bathing brand.


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What if I want everything?

what if i want everything

Hey lovelies!!! Its a beautiful day and I hope you all are charged up with your work and also for the rest of the week. I sincerely apologize for taking a very long break but I really had a lot of CHAOS going on in my life itself which i had to declutter :p. But all is well now and I am back because of your motivation (hehe…assuming that you were waiting for a post). This time I sincerely promise that you will have a new post every Tuesday and a little extra “my thoughts” kind of a post every Friday :).

So, the chaos within me was all about choices. CHOICES-that our world gives us as to what to eat, what to wear, what to become, whom to talk and what to do (haayee…so intimidating). Sometimes when you have more options it gets a little difficult to decide. It has been difficult to focus on one thing lately because I want everything. Continue reading “What if I want everything?”