Tips to break up with Stress

We live in a World which has made our heads almost a pressure cooker. We worry too much and live too less. The extremely increasing wants and desires have made us feel miserable and given us stress instead of making us feel happy.

We are not judging you
We are not judging you.





Do you find yourself in stress and feel unhappy?

Do you find yourself feeling miserable after scrolling Instagram?

Do you feel you are not doing enough in spite of working for ridiculous shifts?


Congratulations. You have made here just on time.

In this society of judgmental jug heads who are constantly trying to put you down, I want to tell you that you are doing great and you are doing just fine. Just breathe.

Things that trigger stress might be anything.

  • Your weight
  • Your finances
  • Your relationships
  • Your attitude of comparing yourself with others
  • Your idea of a perfect life
  • Your work
write good things
breakup with the stress

It gets difficult to react and keep yourself sane when unwanted things happen or when you cannot turn the situations around. But, remember that taking stress is also not going to change the situation. Only a stable mind can help you relax and give you some solutions.

Whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation, try doing the following things:

  • Take a long bath

Stand under a shower. It can be warm water or cold water. Taking a bath will relax your mind and make you think in a better way.

break up with the stress
Hot water and cold water showers

According to Ayurveda, water washes everything and relaxes all the tensed muscles by opening clogged pores and helps you heal your inner self.

  • Go to sleep

Have you heard that if nothing goes right, go to sleep. Sleep is the best cure for almost anything. Did you know that when your body catches cold, it is because your immunity is low and your immunity gets low only if you are not sleeping well?

breakup with stress
sleep is the best cure

Thus, go to sleep and think for a solution afresh.

  • Eat your favorite food

Eat pizza. Eat burger or eat waffles. Eat what your tongue relishes but do not feel guilty about it. You are already under stress and you do not need another guilt.

breakup with stress
Eat it all

It is said that eating your favourite food gets you in a good mood and makes you feel better. Thus, when you feel better you can obviously think better.

  • Indulge in a physical activity

It is said that a physical activity is the best way to release stress hormones and toxins out of the body. Human beings were meant to be locomotive but with science advancing in all fields we are living a pretty dormant life now.

breakup with stress
Sweat it out

Our great ancestors would die of heart attack again, if they see us like this. Thus, do a physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day. Walk, run, dance or perform yoga. Do what you like and enhance your mood in the right way.

  • Talk to a friend

Well, sometimes a conversation and a cup of coffee is all it takes to release stress. Share your problem with someone you trust. It may not be a big thing but sharing it out might give you a different perspective and help you think differently.

Best friend is the best therapy

Go to a nice cafe because ambiance matters a lot. I have tried this personally and trust me it works. Even if you do not find the solution instantly, talking about it makes you feel light.

It is important to make a conscious effort to release all the stress because small things only lead to big things. If you do not pay attention to your feelings and stress it might lead you to depression, anxiety and much more.

breakup with stress
Go to the beach often

I am not trying to scare you but I feel mental health is important and only a balanced mind set will be able to lead you to your goals and dreams. Small things do matter and they have a significance in life when done differently.

I have been battling with depression for a very long time and I have now coped it only because of the blogs I read and because of some beautiful people I found in my journey who motivated me.

Thus, I thought of sharing it with you and I hope that you try these things. They will not affect instantly but will help you over a period of time.

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Do let me know in the comments below if you try any one of these and they help you.

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