HEY! Welcome to chaos of a 20 something. I don’t know how you made your way to my blog but am glad that you are here.

My name is sanjani and I am a 20 something who is trying to figure her way through life. I love café hopping, travelling, fashion and anything and everything in between. I am a total coffee addict and I always need my family and friends.

On this blog you will find inspiration about fashion and style, travel and adventures. You will also see me writing about all the chaos- a 20 something faces through life.


The thought of starting this blog came to me when I was sitting in my boring office cubicle realising that all I want is to be my own boss. And yayye!! I DID IT.  (because 9-5 is a total no no )

I am a fashion graduate but I always had a thing for writing. And also I always have something to say. So, I thought of starting this journey by writing my experiences. Hope you guys will show me some love and support (and forgive me for my mistakes 😉 am just figuring out how to run a blog).

Yet Never forget to sparkle with all the chaos

Sanjani shah