5 reasons to go to COORG right now!!!

Hello beautiful people!! I completely apologize for not writing for a long time but I was really caught up with some work and sometimes finding an inspiration becomes a little hard, especially while you are adulting and have tonnes of chores to do (without your mom because apparently you wanted to stay alone). But since, I am back on my blog, am loving it.

Well today all I want to do is inspire you to pack your bags and go on a vacation because travelling is one thing that is so blissful and stress free. It is such a wonderful experience when somebody’s routine becomes your leisure.

I, at any given time of the day, month or year would look forward to exploring a new place. As said by the greatest traveler and inspirations of all time Ibn batuta that, “Travelling- it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a story teller”.

So, here is my story when I travelled to Coorg with my two best friends and travel buddies (priyaaansha and keerthii i just love you guys) . I am just going to give 5 reasons to pack your bags to Coorg right now:

  1. Who wants to miss scenery like this.                                                                                     Not only does this hill station have special tourist spots but the beauty is seen in and around the hill station while walking or travelling in the car.      Raja’s seat is a jogging park with a view and also a sunset point admist the city. I would actually workout more with a view like this!
  2. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee                                                                                                                       If you are a fanatic coffee fan like me, you have to visit this place.Take a coffee plantation tour for 150 rs and get to know how this amazing drink is produced. Also the freshly brewed coffee beans will make you go wow with a wave of energy.          Ask any local tour guide people and they will arrange the tour for you in any of the coffee estate. The tour takes 1-2 hours but it is totally worth it because you get to taste the fresh coffee from the estate at the end and also be more intelligent at the end of this.          Also don’t forget to try coffee at beans n brews at Madikeri. They have lot of varieties and coffee there is amazing. You will definitely visit coorg again for this place. The rates are also very cheap.Well, I am already nostalgic about the coffee I had there. I guess its time for me also to pack my bags and leave for coorg 😉
  3. Namdroling monastery                                                                                                                 This place is magical. It has so much of peace and it will help you reconnect with your inner self. The statue of lord Buddha is mesmerizing and the vibe of this place is different.               You will be amazed by how peaceful and beautiful you will feel here. You could also see the monks there and get some inspiration to sort your spiritual life.    The monastery also has a small shopping place where you can find some amazing stuff like incense sticks, soaps, fragrances etc. they are totally worth a buy.
  4.  Cauvery nisargdhama                                                                                                                 This place is insane. You will be nostalgic as it will give you total jungle book feels. Don’t miss this!!                                    We were so lucky that when we went it was drizzling and we actually saw deers playing around. It was just worth a watch.   Also, don’t forget to buy some amazing chocolates right opposite the market. We also tried the panipuri and other chaat items as it was so different from the ones you get back at your home.
  5.  Ayurvedic massage center                                                                                                          Getting a massage here after a long day of sightseeing is going to make you feel like a queen.The experience is beautiful because they use the natural ayurvedic oil and after massage you can take a hot water bath with their ayurvedic soaps which will make you smell wow and calms your whole body.

They have a lot of packages suiting everyone’s pocket and also don’t forget to bargain. It is in Madikeri district.

Well. there is no doubt that why Coorg is called the Scotland of India and I dont see any reason for you to not go and visit this magical land.


Coorg is well connected by road through Bangalore and Mysore. There are government buses also that run very well and of course private cabs are available too.  The best area to stay in Coorg is Madikeri which is the town center.

What are you waiting for?? Go type a leave letter already 😉

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Sanjani Shah


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  1. Beautifully written about Coorg.. Want to visit again after seeing through eyes of 20 something Sanjani Shah?

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